Industrial Automation: Flexible Manufacturing Systems [FMS] with Robotics

Industrial Automation: Flexible Manufacturing Systems [FMS] with Robotics

Learn and get certified in Flexible Manufacturing Systems with Robotics course at SSIGMA’s state-of-the-art Robotics Lab. SSIGMA desires to train working professionals, diploma/engineering Participant to meet Industry expectations and foster research in the field of applied robotics and automation.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Develop understanding and solution implementation of Flexible Manufacturing Systems[FMS] with Robotics.
  • Participant can find solutions to problems faced in the field of Automation & Robotics in the Industry.
  • Apply knowledge and skills to solve complex multi-disciplinary problems.
  • Design and develop a robotic work cell system for a specific manufacturing application.
  • Troubleshoot and recover from general robot program errors and faults


  • The course is designed to provide candidates with the skills needed to program an industrial articulated robotic arm after understanding its anatomy and components.
  • Learn how to create, modify, and execute different robot application programs.
  • Integration and communication of PLC with Robot for pick and place, machine tending applications.
  • Hands-on experience with industrial equipment and applications.

Course and Syllabus Overview:

  • Introduction to Robotics and Flexible Manufacturing Systems[FMS]
    • Overview
    • Robot Anatomy
    • Actuators
    • Data Acquisition
    • Control System
    • Components of FMS
    • FMS in robotics
  • Electronics in Robotics
    • Power supply
    • Communication
    • Controller Architecture
  • Kinematics and Dynamics for Robotics
    • Forward and Inverse kinematics
    • Newtonian and Euler-Lagrangian mechanics
  • Overview of PLC, Sensors and Pneumatics
    • Ladder diagrams
    • Integration of PLC and sensors with a Robot controller
    • building pneumatic circuits and actuation
    • Development of Master-Slave System
  • Work on Industrial Robot
    • Start-up procedure
    • Digital I/O
    • variables and functions
    • Sensor Integration
    • Modes of Operation
    • Shutdown procedures

Training modules and durations are customizable other than standard course only for Institutes and Organizations.

Recommended for:

Working Professionals, Engineering Students, Diploma Holders of eligible branches.

Students from Eligible Branches/Working Experience for professionals in following sectors:

Mechanical, Electronics, Electrical, Electronics and Telecommunication, Instrumentation, Electrical and Electronics Production, Industrial Engineering.

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Industrial Automation: FMS with Robotics

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