Industrial Automation: PLC and Sensors

Industrial Automation: PLC and Sensors

Learn and get certified in PLC and Industrial Sensors course at SSIGMA’s state-of-the-art Mechatronics Lab. SSIGMA desires to train working professionals, diploma/engineering participants to meet Industry expectations in the field of mechatronics and Automation.

The Complete Spectrum of this course covers all aspects of Industrial Automation Technologies (Including Industrial Sensors, PLC, HMI) catering to the need of the participants looking for a career opportunity and industry professionals seeking further growth in the field of Automation.

This course is aimed at equipping an Engineer/Diploma holders with deep knowledge and skills required in programming, configuring and operating Industrial automation systems with the use of Industrial Field Instruments, PLCs, SCADA, HMI and Sensors.

Learning Outcomes:

  • PLC Programming using different techniques.
  • The participant will have a strong command on the fundamentals of PLC, industrial sensors, pneumatics and electro-pneumatics.
  • Develop a PLC program to interface an electro-pneumatic machine/component with a PLC controller.
  • Integrate PLC with HMI and sensors.
  • Design of HMI screen for status of machines on site.


  • The course is designed to provide candidates with the skills needed to develop complex plc programs.
  • Learn constructions and working principles of different types of sensors and wiring methods.
  • Design HMIs for machines and machine related operations.
  • Learn the integration of PLC with smart sensors and controls which helps to improve productivity.
  • Live demonstration and Integration of Industrial Sensors with PLC and HMI.

Course and Syllabus Overview:

  • Mechatronics
    • Introduction to Mechatronics
    • System Drivers
    • Control Systems
  • PLC Programming
    • PLC Components
    • PLC Programming
    • Interfacing with Workstation
  • HMI, Sensors and Pneumatics
    • Design HMI
    • Integration of PLC and sensors
    • Building pneumatic circuits and actuation.

Training modules and durations are customizable other than standard course only for Institutes and Organizations.

Recommended for:

Working Professionals, Engineering Students, Diploma Holders of eligible branches.

Students from Eligible Branches/Working Experience for professionals in following sectors:

Mechanical, Electronics, Electrical, Electronics and Telecommunication, Instrumentation, Electrical and Electronics Production, Industrial Engineering

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Industrial Automation: PLC and Sensors

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