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We believe that the horizontal and vertical growth of a candidate is very important along with college and college curriculum for which SSIGMA has started helping in establishing Technical Excellence Centers of Industry 4.0 as well as industrial robotics and electric vehicles in engineering institutes along with course material for training and certification.


Technical Excellence Center at Mahatma Gandhi Mission's College of Engineering and Technology, Mumbai and MGM's Jawaharlal Nehru Engineering College, Aurangabad Offers:

Technical Training Centre on following Labs & Technologies.

  • Rapid Prototyping and Reverse Engineering Lab
  • Industrial RoboticsLab
  • ADAS Hardware Lab [Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems]
  • Industrial Automation & Sensorics Labe) Industrial Hydraulics and Pneumatics Lab
  • Drones Technology Lab
  • Electrical Vehicle Lab
  • Computer Integrated Manufacturing Lab

Robotics Lab Installation:

6 Axis Robot- Pick and Place Application, Curve Tracing Application at MGM College of Engineering, Nanded, Maharashtra


Robotics Lab Installation:

6 axis Welding Robot at JNEC Aurangabad, Maharashtra


In House Robotics Lab Installation and Set-Up:

6 Axis Robot with Integration of PLC, Smart Sensors and Electro-Pneumatic System for industrial robotics training in Pune, Maharashtra

In House, CAD/CAM/CAE training Lab:

In House, CAD/CAM/CAE training Lab for Digital Manufacturing and Simulation in Pune

In House, Industrial IoT Training in Pune


In House Industry 4.0, Advanced Mechatronics and Automation Lab Set-Up

In House Industry 4.0, Advanced Mechatronics and Automation Lab Set-Up including Smart Pneumatic Press, Tabletop Factory, Industrial Sensors, Electro-pneumatic Workstations for Mechatronics Training in Pune, Maharashtra

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