Digital Manufacturing with CAD/CAM

Digital Manufacturing with CAD/CAM

This course is designed to acquire a fundamental understanding of the principles of CAD and CAM including engineering drawing, geometric and surface, and feature-based design.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Participant will be able to describe the basic structure of CAD workstation, Memory types, input/output devices, and display devices and computer graphics.
  • Gain the knowledge of geometric modelling and Execute the steps required in CAD software for developing 2D and 3D models and perform transformations.
  • Explain the fundamental and advanced features of CNC machines. Illustrate Group Technology, CAQC, and CIM concepts.
  • Draw the industrial part and draft an industrial part using CAD software
  • Schedule the machining process for an industrial part using CAM software.
  • Using basic rules of tool selection will be able to select the appropriate tool for the corresponding machining.


  • To acquire basic knowledge about engineering drawing, line type dimension methods, and simple and complex geometric construction.
  • To acquire basic knowledge about principles of designing, material properties.
  • To acquire Knowledge about the working of CAMWorks software.
  • Get acquainted with the basic CAD/CAM software designed for geometric modelling.
  • Acquire a fundamental understanding of the principles of CAD/CAM including geometric surface and feature-based design.
  • Learn to design and draw 2D, 3D model of parts/systems.
  • Understand the fundamentals used to create and manipulate geometric models.
  • Introduction to Machine and Machining Processes.

Course and Syllabus Overview:

  • Introduction to CAD
    • CAD - Part Design (2D/3D)
    • CAD - Assembly
    • CAD – Drafting
  • Introduction to CAM
    • Defining machine parameters
    • Understanding Features and automatic features recognition
    • Tool Path editing
      • G-M code generation (post-processing)
      • Introduction to Machine and Machining Processes
      • Technology Database
    • Additive Manufacturing (3D printing)
    • The lean manufacturing process (CAM)

Training modules and durations are customizable other than standard course only for Institutes and Organizations.

Recommended for:

Working Professionals, Engineering Students, Diploma Holders of eligible branches.

Students from Eligible Branches/Working Experience for professionals in following sectors:

Mechanical, Production, Industrial Engineering

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